The US Amputee Soccer Team Takes On Costa Rica

As a traveling photographer/videographer I have to always be ready for last minute jobs around the world. Someone from the US Amputee Soccer Team staff contacted me to check my availability for the next weekend. Luckily I happened to be free. A few days later I had a flight booked to Costa Rica to shoot the soccer team. This would be my first time in Costa Rica and 40th country visited.

 While this was different from my usual jobs, since I rarely do sports, I knew I was up for the task. My main task was recording the full games for future review from the team and coaches. Also to take photos before and after the games. I like to over deliver so I took some photos during the game while flying the drone. I also created highlight videos of the games for easy consumption. I also went ahead and created an intro for the soccer team. This work trip was an amazing experience and I look forward to future work with the organization. I will also be back to Costa Rica to explore the country.


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